• New Features of FIFA 20 and How Does It Changed the Game

    New Features of FIFA 20 and How Does It Changed the Game

    Real-life soccer is now available into gaming platforms, and of the best soccer game in the gaming era is FIFA 20, and it has changed lots of things since the beginning. Every year they come with new features that make the game even more interesting ad entertaining.

    Its multiplayer so you can also compete with the players who live in other countries and it can help you to enhance your skills. There are several amazing features released in the new version of the game, and these are mentioned below.

    Every feature is new and never released by any other game before, and now you can experience and play it as well.

    New features of FIFA 20

    It is not important that in the features only gaming modes and graphics are included, there is a storyline on the career mode and more modes that will make you realize that you’re playing an official game.

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    Ø  Now FIFA 20 looks more realistic because players can do lots of things game that makes it better than any other soccer game.

    Ø  Now before the match or after the match, the press conference is a new feature where you can see what story is going on. The player can control the conference talking and change the view as they want.

    Ø  The previous model of the game manager was just a character, but now in FIFA 20 it more than that. Players can also make the manager in any form like their looks, dressing, skin color, hairs, and facial hairs also.

    Ø  There are several types of manager dressing also available, and you can choose whatever you want and what you want to change.

    At every step and point of FIFA 20, you will just love to play it, and it will keep you always excite with its great feature and storyline.

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